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Team Development from me to we to us.

Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable

You don’t need a team of star performers to reach success.  You need a team of individuals that collectively work together for the greater good.  That is what separates average teams from brilliant teams.

Not only do we need teams to achieve what we can not achieve alone, we also need teams to stimulate our own feelings of connection, support, mentoring, creativity and fun.  We can all think of a time when we have worked in a team that is successful, it feels good.  Equally we remember being in unhealthy, dysfunctional teams.  Not only were those teams inefficient and underachieving, they also feel bad.

Highly functioning, performance centred teams hold a competitive advantage.

That is because few teams are truly high performing.  We all instinctively know how to do teamwork, but our own self preservation kicks in and we prioritise our own needs over that of the team and collective results.  Its human nature to fall into these patterns when we fear or want to survive.

We help teams to understand their behaviours and the culture they have created.  We then guide teams through a development journey where they understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and how the team can become stronger by “bundling” together.

We share what happens in our bodies and brains under stress, and help teams learn a new way to be, to communicate and to flourish.  We help teams combine their IQ, EQ and C-IQ (conversational intelligence) to really connect and shift their performance from surviving to thriving.

Our Methods

We combine personality profiling, experiential learning, the five behaviours of a team and coaching to really create a shift in trust.  Trust is where team performance starts and ends.  Without trust there is no competitive advantage.

To start creating a team development workshop or programme now, contact us to see how we can co-create a unique experience for you.

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