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Life is so fast, always moving forward and everything changes.  That is one of the certainties in life.  Unfortunately we don’t always move at the same pace emotionally, psychologically or physically.

Sometimes we can’t move forward, or resist change because of fear, anxiety, grief, or often for reasons we just don’t understand.  Sometimes we just get stuck.  Coaching works to understand what is keeping you stuck, and then helps clients decide whether they want to move forward and when and how. coloursplashsmall Coaching helps bring colour, vibrancy and meaning to your life.

The client is in control of their actions, growth and development.

WWWH coaches use the Co-Active Model to support clients in finding balance, and move into action.  Co meaning Being, and Active meaning Doing.  We work on the deep understanding that we are all internal and external beings.  What we do, or present externally, is often not what is happening, consciously or not, internally.  This can often lead to imbalance, and feelings of turbulence, itching, and unease.

Often our professional, public lives, maybe in conflict, or out of balance with other parts of our lives, particularly the internal.  Through coaching, your coach supports you in finding balance in your professional/public and private lives.

If you understand this feeling of resistance, feeling trapped or stuck and have a longing for more, we can help you understand what is holding you back, or where the longing is coming from.

Your coach will create a safe space for you to explore what is important to you, understand what your self-limiting beliefs are, and the constraints you find yourself under.  We work with you to create the professional life you desire.  Being all in.

Coaching is focused on moving forward, taking action, and committing, from a true authentic place.

Are you ready to own your life?  Let’s go!

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