Leadership Solutions

3WH’s bespoke solutions allow leaders to gain total clarity over their leadership competencies, approach and culture, and together we create a strategy to overcome the blocks and barriers to success.

Our approach is consistent, using our 5 step -method, but the outcomes and deliverables are unique to the clients wants and needs.

We help you gain the clarity over

Where you are now, where you want to be and what the obstacles are preventing you getting there.

Then we develop programmes focusing on your overcoming your specific obstacles.

Our clients have worked with us for a variety of reasons:

  • Unifying and developing the Senior Leadership Team
  • Talent development and future leader career paths
  • Transitioning from fixed to growth mindset cultures
  • Transforming to dynamic, creative, collaborative and empowering cultures
  • Positive performance management
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  • Engage in a meaningful, connected and dynamic relationship with 3WH to build a strategic leadership culture and capacity throughout your organisation.
  • Create programmes specific to your needs and create an approach that aligns to your own style and priorities.
  • Understand your own and others styles and appreciate the differences and learn to fully utilise the strengths of the team, uniting rather than silo and functional, empire approaches to delivering.
  • Build trust, challenge and personal responsibility in pursuit of organisational success and results.
  • Transform the organisation to meet the needs of a multigenerational culture.

5-Step Method

  1. Diagnosis – Find out the real blocks and barriers to success.  We find out the trends using engagement surveys, 360 feedback and assessment questionnaires to gain measures.  Then we find out what is beneath the surface, the conversations people are having around the coffee machine, the comments people make when the managers aren’t around.  Through interviews, focus groups – at all levels of the business – we are experts at creating a safe space where we find out what is really happening in your business.  Then we pass it back in a meaningful way.
  2. Myself – We work with the Senior Leader to understand their goals, approach, style, vision and mission.  We gain total clarity in the intentions and the desired impact, and work with the leader to hold a mirror up to them, illuminating their own behaviours that are strengthening, or detracting from their mission.
  3. My Team – Once the Leader has total clarity, we help them to create a unified, passionate senior team, who take personal responsibility for delivering the business goals, not just their own functional goals.  Many of the blocks and barriers of a business start in the boardroom and we aren’t afraid to confront those in pursuit of creating a cohesive, winning team.
  4. My Business – We then help the senior leadership team by developing them to lead their people and the Align and Sustain programmes we develop their direct reports, and every level of managers.  A complete vertical and horizontal approach to leadership development.
  5. Sustain – Creating the commitment and accountabilities to embed the behaviours and culture for the future.

It all starts with a conversation.  To find out more about our approach contact us to schedule a call.