Inspire Programme

Inspire programme is an intensive leadership development programme that gets right to the heart of a companies development needs.

6-9 months

It is not for the faint hearted, and requires participants to lean into their personal, team and cultural development and requires them to take personal responsibility for their intentions and impact on others and the business.

Inspire works with the leader and their senior leadership team to:

  • Gain total clarity of where they are now, where they want to be and what are the biggest obstacles preventing them from getting there.
  • Create a strategy to get from here to there and identify priorities, timescales, resources and development areas.
  • Take personal responsibility for their own behaviours and see where they are becoming accidental diminishers rather than multipliers.
  • Unify the leadership team to work as one, understanding that whilst they maybe specialist and functional heads, their key role is as a team member, a role model and accountable for business performance.

5 Steps

The inspire programmes gives senior leaders everything they need to lead their people.

  1. Diagnosis – 3WH partner with the business to get to the heart of the behaviours and culture.  Using established metrics like exit interviews, engagement surveys and sickness levels and performance reviews, we identify key priority areas.  Then we have open and honest conversations with people at all levels of the organisation to really understand the obstacles to success.  We all know that the real issues are discussed in the informal networks, around the coffee machine, so that is where we go.
  2. Myself – We give the leader the unfiltered feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the business in terms of people, behaviours and culture.  We ask the leader to be bold, courageous and true to themselves and others.  We offer personality profiling, 360 feedback and coaching to develop the leader, but whatever method we use our aim is clear – we want to give the leader total clarity to enable them to create a vision, mission and strategy to make the required changes to succeed.
  3. My Team – Now the leader needs to align the senior team to the strategy.  A proven method is the five behaviours of a cohesive team, followed by development workshops, offsite experiential learning, coaching and personality profiling.  Our team of coaches support the leadership team in their team and personal development over 6-9 months.
  4. My Business – The leaders now create a strategy to ripple the changes throughout the organisation.  We help them to utilise the tools and behaviours, and learn how to hold each other accountable for delivery.
  5. Embed – It is now up to the leadership team to unify and embed their commitments through the business, throughout their processes, systems and behaviours.  But we pass the responsibility back to the leadership team to make that happen.

We can be as bold and courageous as you want to be.  Delivering our solutions onsite, or heading off for retreats, on the water, up the mountains or wherever will give your team the opportunity to grow and develop.