At 3WH we live by out principles of creating a positive ripple effect.  We believe that anybody can achieve their dreams and can make a difference if they have the right support behind them.  We also believe that although we all need a helping hand at some time in our lives, sustainable growth comes from creating our own opportunities, investing in ourselves and our communities.

Lucy and Vicky already support their local community by being Scout Leaders.  They help young people to learn new skills, gain confidence and create lifelong friendships.  They give up their time each week, and much of their annual leave and weekends to invest in the next generation.

But they also have a desire to make a bigger impact, worldwide.  They want to help communities to create sustainable businesses, decent working conditions and to support women change their future by investing in small businesses around the world.  They do this by committing to support the UN Global Goals 5 and 8.

Gender Equality
Decent work and economic growth

From 2018 10% of profits will be reinvested to help entrepreneurs to change their lives, those of their community and ultimately the world, through a positive ripple effect.




By working with 3WH you will too make a difference to the lives of others.