Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Daring Greatly – Standing Tall                                     

Leadership coaching helps leaders develop themselves and their organisations.  Being at the top of your game is a skill.  It needs a daily work out, review, and reflection.  All top athletes and Olympians have coaches, someone to look at performance, point out any quirks or maladies that hinder success.  Executive and Leadership coaching is no different.

The WWWH coaching services builds a unique, confidential and close alliance between the Coach and the Client.  They form a safe space where they meet each other equally, with focus, compassion, honesty and curiosity.   As a client you will be ready for action, to challenge yourself to increase performance, in what ever area you choose.  You will feel disruption and a little off-balance at times, but that means you are changing old habits, beliefs and behaviours to create something new.  A new, improved you.

Together, you explore how the Client has achieved success and how they need to be to continue with their goals.  The coaching space gives Clients time to reflect, think, decide and commit.  It is a rare space that we rarely create for ourselves. The Client can play with their full range of experiences, values, emotions and be courageous in using them.

We look at the internal structures, the foundations of you as a Leader, those that make you strong to the core.  We look at the world that you have created.  As a leader, your foundational values which set the cultural tone of your organisation.  However, it is with the inspiring values that an organisation creates, which engages, inspires and retains talent.

Foundational   Values Inspiring   Values
Fairness Empathy
Honesty Support
Justice Truth
Recognistion Giving
Independence Kindness
Courage Freedom
Equality Creativity
Pursuit Caring

WWWH supports you in your personal and professional development.  It requires action, energy, honesty, and boldness.  If you are ready to take the challenge, contact us for an initial consultation or sample session.