3WH Approach

The 3WH approach is robust.  We know that leading a business to achieve the expected results and objectives is challenging.  We also know that leaders love a challenge.  We work with ambitious, driven and passionate leaders who want to succeed, but are feeling the pressure of the blocks and barriers to success.

We typically work with leaders who are fairly new in post.  They have already made an impact and increased performance and delivered results.  Now progress has slowed and they now need to address the bigger challenges of people, behaviours and culture.

Many of our clients face the same challenges.

  • The business is performing, but not in all areas.
  • They are feeling the pressure and need to create a step change in performance.
  • They often feel that they are making all of the decisions, creating most of the solutions and driving momentum.
  • This results in them operating at a level down and they are becoming frustrated.
  • They need their Managers and Teams to step up into leadership so they can step up.
  • They are using all of their energy in driving and pushing for results meaning that they simply don’t have the energy when they are with their friends and family.
  • They are stressed and creating stress in others, meaning everyone is reacting and pushing.
  • They are creating a negative ripple effect and need to make a change so they can enjoy their work and have fun.

Following our 5 step method creates the step change in behaviour and culture to achieve results.

3WH specialise in Leadership, team and cultural development to transform how people work together, build trust and relationships, gain total clarity and to perform.  And success breeds success and feels good.


Although the behavioural changes may sit in middle management, grass roots teams or even contractors, the 3WH approach always start at the top.  We deep dive into the main blocks and barriers to business success and then hold a mirror up to the leaders to show where they are slowing progress.

Over 6-9 months, we work with the leader to create an compelling vision, mission and strategy to implement.  Using coaching and consultancy techniques, leaders gain total clarity and the courage to move ahead.  The leadership team are invited to a 2 day offsite session to understand how they can work more powerfully and cohesively and be champions of the vision and strategy.  Followed by a comprehensive development programme, we support them in then creating the ripple throughout the business and anchor the change for results.


Think of this as Inspire+.

Starting at the top, we then cascade the vision, behaviours, and strategy through all tiers of management.  Always enlightening, motivating and building connection, our approach creates a new sense of unity and clarity in how to achieve results.

The leadership team maintain momentum over 6-9 months with workshops, facilitated meetings and with personal coaching sessions, increasing their personal development and leadership skills.  We then replicate for the management levels, to deliver vertical and horizontal development over 12 months.


3WH partner with you for 12-18 months to embed the changes in leadership, team and culture, and by creating the resources, collateral and processes to transform.  We develop leaders, the teams and the managers to be consistent in their approach, but confident in their own natural style to be effective.  Using a blend of coaching, workshop facilitation, personality profiling and conversational intelligence, the business environment changes internally and achieves the vision and mission of the leader.

We provide consultancy to develop processes, policies and practices to support the transformation, reviewing career paths, competencies, performance management and talent management.  This enables a sustained approach to high performance through your people.

The sustain package brings the courage, boldness and heart into a business so everyone feels connected, empowered, accountable and responsible for results, and recognised for their contribution.

Our programmes are not for the fainthearted leader.  Change is hard and requires leaders to be bold in their action, courageous in their leadership and true to themselves and their people.